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Friday, April 13, 2007

2007 Eat Local Now! coming up

For the second year, Sarah and I are participating in throwing the biggest and best local food celebration in Seattle. This year's Eat Local Now! is nearly twice the size of last year and in many way a giant leap in a really cool direction.

We are holding the event at Ballard High School and are involving their EarthCorps chapter in many aspects of the event. We set out to do this year's event a little different from the last three and to reach new audiences. Those new audiences are highschoolers, their parents and it's looking like several of Seattle School District's honchos. We are hoping the idea of local/seasonal food in our school cafeterias will build some momentum with our event.

We're going to have just over 300 people this year and it is more than sold out! Doing this event with Sustainable Ballard is a pleasure and I think with our BALLE Seattle team it's a great partnership.