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Monday, January 28, 2008

What is a Kitten Money Klatch?

This is a fair question. For one, it's something my wife Sarah and I invented. It's also a new form of financial exploration and empowerment for a community of interested individuals in Seattle. Earlier this month we held the first gathering of KmK where over 20 people took three hours out of their Thursday night to participate in the experiment. The experiment is to build resiliency into my community by getting as many people as possible out of crushing debt. To do this, we must all wade into uncommon territory. We must share our money issues with each other.

Sarah and I've committed to facilitating three of these KmK gatherings over the next couple months to see if something comes of it. The first gathering was successful by attendee accounts. People really benefited from hearing others tell their money stories. They found that no one is alone in their fears around the stuff. We also figured out what the group wants to get out of the gatherings. Seems like a reasonable first start.

Here is a sample of the list the group told me they want to cover:
  • Matching up of needs and means (help each other get out of debt, like with
  • Pool money within the group to fund things
  • Leanding list
  • Sharing of helpful financial resources
  • Assisting each other build personal financial tracking skills
  • Sharing of rituals or experiences that don't require money
  • Creating more moments where people share their deeply held assumptions and stories around money
  • Discussion of the political side of finance and the economy
Over the next two gatherings Sarah and I will help the group navigate these topics. I look forward to it!


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