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Saturday, June 17, 2006

ID Mashup Conference Hub launched

In what has been a marathon run to the line, the ID Mashup Community Hub site is launched. We built the site to support the community of folks attending the ID Mashup conference next week. The vision is that the site will continue to serve the identity community well beyond the conference by serving as a hub for sharing and experimenting with the latest in identity technologies.

The project has put me and the developers at the bleeding edge of user-centric identity management technology, something I barely understood a couple months ago. I now understand that it is an emerging field with a lot of players all trying to play nice with each other while individually building different parts. The end result in my project is that it feels like kind of a mess, but I guess that's to be expected in a mashup!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Project updates

I have been slack with keeping my blog up to date with project information. To just get it all out there, how about a snapshot of what I am up to? I'll try to get something more detailed posted soon.
I am thankful to have so much fulfilling work to do. After seeing An Inconvinient Truth this weekend I am more motivated than ever to find ways to apply myself toward the cause.