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Friday, April 03, 2009

Idealware compares Drupal, Plone, Wordpress and Joomla

Nonprofit software info source Idealware has published what might be the best objective review of the top open source CMS solutions available today. Having read the report and having worked extensively with all four systems for many years I can definitely recommend it for anyone considering the content management software options.

The report reinforces many of the messages I use to differenciate the options with people I talk to. Here are what I believe each of the four systems are good for:
  • Wordpress - good for blogging (of course!) and for small groups of people who want to publish simple content.
  • Joomla - good for small nonprofits/companies who need a simple and cost effective way to upgrade their web presence.
  • Drupal - good when you want site visitors to create content, functionality that is flexibile and scalability to support lots of traffic.
  • Plone - good when you have lots of content, lots of people working with that content within your nonprofit/business, and have unique functionality requirements.
You should read the report and draw your own conclusions. Each CMS has is place in the open source CMS ecosystem. At Web Collective, we've found that offering Wordpress and Plone covers all our client's CMS needs. When they need custom web functionality that isn't very CMS-like we are super happy with Django.


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