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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Blog Packs

I am very interested in the emergence of blog networks. The trend appears to be mostly motivated by the desire to aggregate impressions to create a more attractive proposition to potential advertisers. Secondarily, I there may be some economies of scale when it comes to hosting costs and platform maintinence.

The most authoritative list of blog networks I have found is the Blog Network List. Here you can get current rankings of the blog networks based on data from Technorati, MSN, Google and others. The site takes freely available xml data from these sites and uses it to generate a score.

Here are a few of the blog networks I am watching.
Gothamist, LLC
Federated Media Publishing
Metroblogging Network


  • At 7:13 PM, Anonymous Matt Craven said…

    Thanks for the mention - we're working on a major backend update to Blog Network List and expect to have something out by March or so - it will have some new metrics and likely week by week tracking so you can see the movers and shakers.

    More to come :)

    Thanks again,


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